1. Name 
    • 1.01 The Association shall be called Curl Moose Jaw.
  2. Aims and Objectives
    • 2.01 To co-ordinate and promote the growth of youth and adult curling initiatives throughout the City of Moose Jaw. 
    • 2.02 To co-ordinate the promotion of curling at all levels of participation. 
    • 2.03 To co-ordinate and support the Saskatchewan Curling Association 1997 Inc. (SCA) sanctioned curling competitions and competitors. 
    • 2.04 To facilitate the hosting of regional, provincial, national and international curling events. 
  3. Membership
    • 3.01 The Directors may admit Curling Clubs operating a curling facility within the boundaries of the City of Moose Jaw, as defined by the City Limits, to membership. 
    • 3.02 Any club may resign from membership by giving 7 days' written notice to the Secretary of the Association. 
    • 3.03 The membership of any club may be terminated by a majority vote of the Directors. 
    • 3.04 Upon termination of its membership pursuant to 3.02 or 3.03, a club shall not be entitled to any refund, proportionate or otherwise, of money paid by the club to the Association or monies earned by the Association. 
    • 3.05 A non-affiliated SCA member will not profit from SCA sanctioned events.
  4. Annual General Meeting
    • 4.01 The Executive Committee shall set a date for an Annual General Meeting of the Association and location of the meeting‘s will always be at Moose Jaw’s Moose Jaw Events Centre: 
      1. annually, not later than October 31 of each year, and 
      2. within 30 days if requested from 2 member clubs. 
    • 4.02 Each member club shall be given at least 30 days notice of an Annual General Meeting of the Association together with: 
      1. the financial statement of the Association for the preceding fiscal year 
      2. the proposed amendments to the Constitution or other proposed resolutions, and 
      3. the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting. 
    • 4.03 Each member club shall appoint up to four voting delegates to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Association and vote in accordance with the direction of the club’s Board of Directors. 
    • 4.04 The voting delegates at the Annual General Meeting shall be: 
      1. four delegates from each member club, and 
      2. the executive. 
    • 4.05 A quorum at the Annual General Meeting shall be a majority of the voting delegates as defined in 4.04. 
    • 4.06 The membership at large may attend and participate, but do not have voting privileges.
  5. Directors
    • 5.01 Each member club shall appoint 4 representatives (2 men and 2 women if possible) who are members in good standing of that club to be Directors of the Association. A member club may replace a Director who resigns. 
    • 5.02 Directors shall hold office for a term of 1 year and shall be eligible for reappointment. A director who is elected as President or Vice-President shall remain a Director for his or her term of office. 
    • 5.03 Each member club shall appoint its President as one of its directors. In addition, each club may appoint an additional Director for each of its appointed directors who is elected to the Executive Committee of the Association.
  6. Meetings of the Board of Directors
    • 6.01 The Directors shall immediately following the Annual General Meeting of the Association elect an Executive Committee to serve, for the terms indicated: 
      1. Past President (Citizen at Large for the first 2 years) – 2 years 
      2. President - 2 years 
      3. Vice-President - 2 years 
      4. Secretary - 2 years 
      5. Treasurer - 2 years, and 
      6. Curling Club Manager 
    • 6.02 The Directors shall establish a regular time and the location will be at Moose Jaw’s Moose Jaw Events Centre for all meetings. 
    • 6.03 The President shall fix a time and place for a meeting of the Directors: 
      1. if no time and place has been set pursuant to 6.02, or 
      2. within 15 days of being requested to do so by 20% of the Directors. 
    • 6.04 A quorum at any meeting of the Directors shall be 40% of the Directors and a majority of the member clubs. 
    • 6.05 The voting representatives at the Board of Directors Meeting shall be: 
      1. the four representatives from each member club, and 
      2. the Executive. 
    • 6.06 Voting shall be by show of hands. The majority of votes shall carry any resolution. 
    • 6.07 The President shall not vote except to break a deadlock, in which case the President shall have a deciding or casting vote.
  7. Committees
    • 7.01 The Directors elected to the positions named in 6.01 shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Association. 
    • 7.02 The Presidents of each of the nine member clubs or their designate, the President of the Association and one other Executive Committee member and one other member at large shall represent the Association and the member clubs at the SCA Annual General Meeting. If any one of them cannot attend, the President shall have the right to appoint a substitute from among the Directors. 
    • 7.03 The Executive Committee shall exercise such powers as may be delegated to them by the Directors. 
    • 7.04 The Directors may appoint Ad Hoc committees and delegate powers and duties to the committees as are necessary for the proper and efficient functioning of the Association. 
    • 7.05 An Ad Hoc committee shall consist of at least one Director, who shall be the Chairperson, and such other persons as are necessary. The Directors may appoint members to the committee or may delegate to the President or the Chairperson of the committee the power to appoint members to the committee.
  8. Officers' Duties
    • 8.01 The President shall preside at all Board of Directors meetings. He or she shall be an ex officio member of all committees of the Association and shall assist other officers in the affairs of the Association. 
    • 8.02 The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in the President's absence. 
    • 8.03 The Secretary shall: 
      1. attend to all the correspondence of the Association, 
      2. prepare and receive all notices and documents, draft and distribute the minutes of all meetings to the Directors prior to the next Board of Directors meeting, and 
      3. send a copy of the Annual General Meeting minutes to the Executive Director of the SCA. 
    • 8.04 The Treasurer shall: 
      1. have general charge of the finances of the association and keep such books as may be prescribed as necessary 
      2. have charge and custody and be responsible for all funds of the Association, which he shall deposit in its name in the bank, designated by the directors pursuant to 10.03 
      3. submit a financial statement at the end of each fiscal year and whenever requested to do so by the President, and 
      4. be responsible for the collection of monies due to the Association. 
    • 8.05 Curling Club Manager shall: 
      1. attend all board of directors meetings, 
      2. provide correspondence to Curl Moose Jaw of any curling discussions/concerns from Moose Jaw Events Centre, and 
      3. provide correspondence to the Moose Jaw Events Centre of any curling discussions/concerns. 
  9. Finances
    • 9.01 The Association may borrow money upon such terms, as the Directors think proper for the purposes of carrying out the objectives of the Association. 
    • 9.02 The fiscal year of the Association shall be July 1 to June 30 of each year. 
    • 9.03 The banking of the Association shall be transacted with such bank or other financial institution as the Directors may designate. 
    • 9.04 The President, Vice-President, Treasurer and one other Director as appointed by the Executive Committee shall have signing authority for the Association. Any two signatures are required. 
    • 9.05 At each Annual General Meeting of the member clubs, the members shall appoint an auditor as required by Section 145 of The Non-Profit Corporations Act or unanimously resolve to dispense with the appointment of an auditor pursuant to Section 146 of the Act.
  10. Meetings
    • 10.01 The order of business at a meeting of the directors shall be: 
      1. Election of officers, if required. 
      2. Minutes of the previous Board of Directors meeting. 
      3. Business arising out of the minutes. 
      4. Correspondence. 
      5. Reports of committees. 
      6. Unfinished business. 
      7. New business. 
    • 10.02 The order of business at an Annual General Meeting shall be: 
      1. Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting. 
      2. Consideration of amendments to the constitution and bylaws. 
      3. Consideration of the financial statements. 
      4. Appointment of or dispensation with an auditor. 
      5. Appointment of directors.