Tuesday Night Open League 

Tuesday Night Open draw time is at 7:00pm and is 8 ends. Needs to be 4 full league fees for each team and can have 4-8 players on a team to make it work. If you're looking for a night that is competitive but still lots of fun come and check out this night. Depending on amount of curlers will be having to do staggered starts this upcoming year. This is the adult 18+ link. If a youth is playing please be sure to click on the appropriate link. There has been a 14 and under link as well as a 15-17 link. Amount will go based on age.

  • Start Date: Tuesday, October 3, 2023
  • Game Time: 7:00pm
  • Game Length: 8 Ends
  • Cost: $398.00 per adult curler 
  • Half season's available (if splitting with another curler) $199 
  • Also Under 14 ($250) and 15-17 ($275) age groups available        

Fee Discount:
If you curl in more than one league, this league qualifies for the second league 20% discount and third league 50% discount