Thursday Night Open League 

Thursday Night League starts at 7:00PM and is 8 ends. Is open to all ages and is a ton of fun. Come on out and enjoy a night of great curling with lots of laughter.

If a youth is playing use this same one to register there has been a 14 and under total put in and a 15-21 in as well. So amount will go based on age and minus the amount at the end

  • Start Date: Thursday, October 5, 2023
  • Game Time: 7:00pm
  • Game Length: 8 Ends
  • Cost: $398.00 per adult curler (full season) 
    • Half seasons are available - $198.00  (if splitting with another curler) 
  • 15-17 age group available - $275 (full season) 
  • Under 14 age group available - $250 (full season)

Fee Discount:
If you curl in more than one league, this league qualifies for the second league 20% discount and third league 50% discount.